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Interesting publication in Science

This week in Science came out a very interesting publication about the structure of chromatin in single mammalian cells, In general, the work confirms the general results on the structure of chromatin, previously made on the basis of averaged data on a large population of cells. An interesting conclusion about the large variability of the structure and location of specific TADs (Topical Associated Domains), but the conservatism of LAD (LAD - Lamina Associated Domain). Also noteworthy is the fact of three-dimensional reconstruction of actively expressed areas, which are located along the periphery of the nucleus, but at a certain distance from the lamina.

In our laboratory, Pavel Kos and Artem Petrov, under the leadership of Alexander Chertovich, are engaged in a similar subject. Last year, we co-authored with microbiologists-experimenters and bioinformatics to work in the prestigious Genome Research magazine (Impact Factor 14, link, which received a strong response in the world Scientific community, she was even given an editorial note in the most authoritative journal Nature Reviews Genetics (NRG 17, 3, 2016). In the near future, we hope to get new results on lamin-associated areas, follow our publications!