1. Origin models to fit microgels

2. LAMMPS addons to simulate copolymerization with crosslinking
3. Scientific and educational lectures:
3.1. Computer simulations of biopolymers (2 lectures at the Skoltech Summer School, in Russian)
in Russian
3.2. Computer simulations and statistical physics (lecture at summer school at Higher School of Economics) 
in Russian

4. Conference presentations:


4.1. Invited lecture "Inhomogeneous permittivity in polyelectrolytes and its influence on coil-to-globule transition and microphase separation", speaker A.Chertovich (Ulm, Germany, 2017) 


4.2. Invited lecture "Double interpenetrating networks: microphase separation in collapsed and swollen states", speaker A.Chertovich (Korea, 2017)


4.3 Oral lecture "Synthesis of amphiphilic copolymers based on acrylic acid via RAFT polymerization", speaker E.Kozhunova (Aveiro, Portugal, 2017)



4.4. Oral lecture "Polymer with saturated interactions and chromatin structure", speaker A.Chertovich (IUPAC2017 (iupac2017.org), Sun Paulo, Brazil, 2017) 


4.5. Oral lecture "Heterogeneous copolymerization: insight from computer simulations", speaker A.Chertovich (http://www.mmops2017.org/, St/ Petersburg, Russia, 2017).

4.6. Oral lecture "Influence of selective substrates on copolymerization: experiment and computer simulations", speaker E.Kozhunova (Makuhari, Japan, 2017)