5th IUPAC-FAPS 2017 Polymer Congress


In October, the 5th IUPAC-FAPS 2017 Polymer Congress took place on the island of Jeju in Korea on the theme "Smart Polymers for Emerging Technologies: Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Federation of Asian Polymer Societies (FAPS)". Detailed information about the conference http://www.faps2017.org/

Alexander Chertovich spoke at the congress with the invited report on the topic "Double Interpenetrating Networks: Microphase Separation in Collapsed and Swollen States", Elena Kozhunova presented a poster report on the topic "Thermo- and pH-sensitive Interpenetrating Network Microgels for Coatings and Membranes".

Laboratory of Microstructured Polymer Systems

Chair of Polymer and Crystal Physics, Physics Department, Moscow State University

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